How to find your perfect pilot

By Mark Schmitt | June 14, 2018 5:20pm ETThe flight deck is a great place to start looking for the right pilot.

If you’re looking for a quiet, relaxed, and comfortable flight, the first thing to do is ask yourself, “How do I know if I want to fly with this pilot?”

Here are some important questions you should ask before booking a flight:What are the expectations of the pilot?

Are there any restrictions on the pilot’s schedule?

What kind of flight are you looking for?

How do you prepare for the flight?

How will you prepare?

These are all important questions.

We can’t go into detail on the specifics of what you should do, but here are some general things to consider.

Before booking a new flight, ask yourself these questions:Do I have a plan to make this flight as fun as possible?

How is the flight structured?

How does the pilot choose the flight routes?

What is the pilot looking for in a pilot?

Who is the lead pilot?

What are their strengths and weaknesses?

Who will the lead take on the flight when you’re not there?

Are the people you’ll be flying with trustworthy?

If you want to know how to find a great pilot, I recommend you take the time to read some of the best pilots out there.

They’re all great.

But you’ll need to get your questions about what they’re looking out for answered first.

You want to make sure the questions are in order.

Here are a few questions to ask to get you started.

First, what are the requirements of the flight you’re considering?

Are there any specific restrictions on when you can fly?

Are the pilots scheduled to be in the same city or state as you?

If not, what’s the first step to getting the pilot to be on board?

Do you have any specific questions about the flight’s safety?

Are you comfortable with the type of pilot?

How are you going to fly this flight?

Do the pilots have prior experience with this type of flight?

If so, are they experienced enough to fly the flight and what type of experience do they have?

Are they familiar with the aircraft?

Do they have experience in handling the aircraft, and if so, what kind of experience?

Do they have previous experience with the weather?

How did they prepare for a previous flight?

What type of training have they had?

What flight simulator would they be using?

If there’s an instrument rating, is it a simulator?

How many pilots do you have in the group?

How long have they been flying?

How much experience do you expect the group to have?

Will they be available to take the pilot on the next flight?

Are you willing to pay for their flight on the ground?

If they have a commercial airline, what airline are they flying with?

If it’s a flight with a major airline, how will the pilots handle it?

Is it a flight that you can handle?

If an airline has a large number of flights, how many are in the schedule?

Do we have a specific flight time in mind?

Are we prepared for that?

If the pilot you’re flying with has experience in other types of aircraft, do they hold different training or qualifications to the type you’re thinking about?

Do these types of flights have specific airports?

Is there a designated airport in your area?

If yes, where do you plan to fly?

How big is the aircraft you’re talking about?

Where do you want the flight to take place?

Is the aircraft equipped with an emergency locator transmitter (ELT)?

How do the pilots plan to communicate with the pilot while in the aircraft if something goes wrong?

What happens if something doesn’t work as planned?

What should you do if the pilot doesn’t respond to the emergency locators?

What about a pilot who has a medical emergency?

What do you do to deal with a situation like that?

Are these people available for the next pilot?

Are they experienced with the plane?

If so, do you think they have the right qualifications?

What would you expect to happen if something went wrong?

How can you prepare the crew?

What’s the expected safety level of the aircraft when you leave the cockpit?

What does it mean when you land the aircraft safely?

Are safety belts required on the aircraft in case something goes haywire?

How would you know if a pilot is competent?

How close are you to landing the aircraft on the runway?

Is this a scheduled flight?

How close are they to landing safely?

Do your safety checks have to be done at a certain time of the day?

Are all the safety checks done at the same time?

If your flight is a flight on a major route, do the flight controllers check for delays?

Are crew and passengers trained to handle the aircraft while you’re in the cabin?

Are flight attendants trained?

How safe is the cabin when the aircraft is in flight?

Does the pilot need a medical exemption?

Does your flight include a food or beverage service?

Do all the passengers need a valid


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