What is the new Jackson County Pilot’s license?

The new Jacksons pilot’s license will soon be available to all pilots.

The license is expected to be available in December. 

Pilot’s license for new pilot pilot, a.k.a. the new pilot, will be available for everyone to apply for by the end of next month, said an official statement issued by the Aviation Ministry. 

The new pilot’s licenses are similar to the ones currently in use in India.

The main difference is that they are issued on the basis of a pilot’s competency, which is measured on a scale from 0 to 10. 

However, they are also expected to have a higher fee and will also be issued to any pilot who has flown for more than a year, the official statement said. 

Under the new system, pilots will have to earn a minimum of 60,000 rupees ($2,500) a month. 

A pilot must have a minimum score of 3,000 on a national airline’s minimum qualification test, and have completed a minimum time of at least three months as a passenger on an aircraft of at a maximum speed of 10 kph. 

Once the minimum score is achieved, the pilot will be issued a new license for a pilot licence of a similar type. 

Currently, pilots need to pass the national airline standard minimum test before they can apply for a new pilot licence. 

“The pilot’s licence for the new type will have a lower fee and would be issued on a similar basis as the current pilot’s,” the official said.

“However, there would be a higher minimum score and the licence would be available only to those who have completed at least four months of service as a pilot on an airport in the country.” 

“We are also looking at ways to ensure that the new licence is not issued to non-residents.

We are looking at other measures like allowing the pilot to transfer his licence to a relative in case of death,” the statement said, without elaborating. 

In July, the Ministry of Civil Aviation (MoCA) had announced a pilot registration scheme for pilots that would allow them to transfer their license to relatives in case their licence is cancelled.


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