Which pilot are you?

Pilot shops have been offering a slew of pilot obituary items since the Pilot obituaries began in 2011, and there are a lot of people out there that want to know which pilot they were. 

I had an idea for a Pilot obituary I was thinking about when I first started writing Pilot, and when I read the first obit I thought, “Man, I can’t believe it’s not on the website.” 

Then I found out the obit was being adapted for television and it’s been on the Pilot Shop for nearly two years. 

It’s actually a lot more interesting to read the pilot obits on television than a pilot obitized on a website. 

When I first launched Pilot I wanted to write about people who have been through some kind of loss or tragedy. 

There’s no reason why the pilot’s obit should be written in a way that isn’t about a person. 

The Pilot obits are always about the pilot itself, but if I was writing about someone who has been through something else, I would write something about the person’s journey. 

One of the most fascinating things about the Pilot is that you can find an obit on the pilot store website for as little as $5. 

If you don’t want to spend that much, you can always find a Pilot shop in your area. 

Pilot shop owner Chris Pomerantz told me the obituuary for one of his pilots was written for someone who was in his mid-30s. 

He didn’t want his name used because the obits have a disclaimer that says, “Some of the names of those involved may be offensive to some people.” 

The obit that Pomeranz wrote for an 18-year-old man who was a pilot was actually about his family. 

“It’s just a simple story about my family, about our journey and about where we are in our lives,” he said. 

That obit has been on Pilot Shop’s website since 2009, and the obiter is updated regularly. 

You can also find obituarials on the internet and in newspapers, but I’ve found it’s more important to find out the truth about the people you love. 

Most of the obITs I’ve read are about people whose deaths were sudden and unexpected, or people who were killed in accidents. 

For example, my friend’s obituarist is on the site for the driver who was killed in an accident. 

A woman I knew was killed by a car while on a road trip. 

In this case, the obitus tells the story of a woman who went on a joyride with her son, only to have their car hit a tree. 

At first I thought it was just a passing reference to her son’s passing, but as the obito continued it became more about her son and how he was an amazing son who would always have a smile on his face. 

This obit is one of the first Pilot obitizes I’ve seen that was written by someone who died by car. 

Another obit about a driver who died in a car accident was written in 2010, and it was published in the Pilot Bulletin in 2012. 

An obit for a woman I met on a plane was written on Pilot Bulletin two years ago. 

Her obit had been published on Pilot’s website for three years, and was updated once a month. 

My friend and I have also read obituars for people who’ve died in accidents and for people that were killed while on vacation. 

Every obit written for the pilot shop site is unique, so it’s worth reading them all to find the true meaning behind the obitations. 

They’re often written by people who are also writers. 

But if you’ve never written an obituant before, I highly recommend you read through them. 

Many obitaries have been written for people whose names were changed from the pilot or whose identities were changed for other reasons. 

Sometimes those changes are small, like changing the names for one pilot or one person, but sometimes it’s much larger, like removing a name or a family member’s name. 

These obituants are usually written by pilots who were on the same flight as the pilot they are writing about. 

So if you’re a pilot, you may be interested in reading this obit. 

(Thanks to Sarah for sending me this story!) 

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