How Delta’s pilot program works

Pilot programs are becoming increasingly common across airlines, making it easier for pilots to learn the skills needed to fly more planes and for air traffic controllers to use them in their day-to-day duties.

But while many pilots have a lot of training already under their belts, they’re often forced to learn more by watching TV shows or reading books instead of doing the work themselves.

Delta’s pilot programs, which aim to provide pilots with the skills they need to fly, are helping to fill gaps that have developed during a downturn in air travel, the airline said.

They are a way for pilots who have never flown before to gain a more complete understanding of the different kinds of airplanes and the different flight paths that can be taken.

The pilot programs are not perfect, but the airline says it is making progress in improving the pilot training it offers its pilots.

“The pilots are getting a much deeper understanding of what they’re flying, and how to fly in all sorts of scenarios, not just the ones they have in mind,” Delta’s chief pilot, Mike St. Pierre, said in an interview.

Many of the programs require pilots to complete training that lasts six months or more.

For the pilot who doesn’t have the time or the interest to do it himself, Delta is offering free, online programs that are designed to help with the transition.

St. Pierre said the pilots in his program are more willing to try to get a plane flying again, as the training will be in their vocabulary, rather than relying on what they’ve been taught in training.

There are about 30 pilots in the program, but Delta said they are looking to recruit a few more this year.

A pilot training course in Spanish for the first time is also available.

Some pilots are taking more time learning their own routes and procedures.

Delta also has a pilot education program for pilots of small planes.

That program is also in its early stages, but pilots are encouraged to take a flight simulator test as a first step in training, according to St. Peter.

As part of the pilot education pilot program, pilots will be required to pass a test that requires them to fly at least 10 different types of aircraft, including a “small plane,” a twin-engine turboprop, an “engine-driven aircraft” and an “autopilot-operated aircraft.”

Delta said it is also testing pilot training on smaller planes and a turbopropeller aircraft.

This is the first pilot training pilot training program for a turbowriter.

Delta said it will offer more pilot training programs in the future.

Last year, Delta said that more than 700,000 pilots across the airline participated in its pilot education programs, including its pilot training.

Delta’s pilots are trained by airline pilots and instructors, who are also certified in the same fields as pilots.

The airline said that, for pilots under 25, the pilot program is the most cost-effective way to learn, because they are generally under-trained compared to other pilots.

The pilot program has been in operation since late 2010, when the airline introduced it as part of its pilot program program for younger pilots.

It has become a popular option for younger pilot applicants.

It has also helped fill a gap in the airline’s training program, as pilots have been hesitant to take the pilot exam that has become mandatory for pilots.

Delta also has another pilot training initiative in the works.

Its pilot education pilots are expected to earn between $50,000 and $75,000 per year, according, the company.


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