How to create an original story from a Star Trek episode

It’s been a while since we last saw our beloved captain of the starship Enterprise, but in the last episode of Star Trek: Discovery, a character named T’Pol came back from the dead to help Captain James T. Kirk in the new “Avengers” movie.

And the next day, we learned that she had been a longtime Star Trek fan.

Now, for the first time, she’s been resurrected as a Star Wars character.

We asked fans about the origin of T’Poil, the character who died on “Star Trek: The Next Generation” and whose character name is now synonymous with “Star Wars.”

We’ve also talked to several fans who were part of the cast of the original “Star vs. The Forces of Evil” series, and we’ve learned that the “” wiki has some interesting tidbits about her.

In “’s Star Wars Encyclopedia,” a new article lists her as a character who was “a female Human who fought for the Galactic Republic during the Clone Wars.”

But that doesn’t necessarily mean she’s a female Jedi Knight or the first female Star Wars hero, according to the article.

She was, in fact, a Human who grew up on the planet Yavin 4, where she had “the ability to control her emotions and emotions of others.”

So that’s what she is: a Jedi.

And now that she’s resurrected as an alien with a special ability, she’ll have to prove herself again in a new “ Star Wars” movie, which will open in theaters on May 24.

She’s also a new character in “StarSaga,” the fourth “Star wars” novel.

“T’Pol” is the name of a new alien race who appeared in “The Phantom Menace,” according to a new video game trailer.

They’re called “Tolarian,” and “they’re a race of intelligent, bipedal, sentient creatures.”

They’re humanoid and can move at great speeds.

They wear a “Starfighter” helmet with a small hologram on the front.

The Tolarians have a humanoid head and long, white arms with six fingers on each hand.

They have blue eyes with red irises.

They speak in a pidgin language, which is based on the “Ferengi language” of the Star Wars universe.

They look very similar to humans, but they are more humanoid, which allows them to walk on land, fly, and attack.

They are known to use a lightsaber.

They were originally introduced in the “Attack of the Clones” movie in 1995.

The new film, “StarWars: The Force Awakens,” is set in the year 2 BBY, during the reign of the Galactic Empire, where the heroes are the Resistance.

The new “T’Pol” has been reborn as a female warrior.

She is called “a warrior who led her people against the Empire.”

She is now referred to as “the Force’s last hope.”

She also appears in “Toys R Us Star Wars-themed toys” for the fifth time.

In the latest toy, she is a new figure with a new design and a new description.

“Togruta, a member of the Force’s final hope,” she is called.

“A leader of a mysterious new race, Togrutas are incredibly powerful warriors and masters of Force magic.

They possess great strength, and possess the ability to move at incredible speeds.

They’re powerful, mysterious, and cunning.

They wield powerful weapons, including a pair of Force lightsabers, a Force-infused lightsaber, and a Force choke.

The Togran warriors have also been known to possess the power of a lightsaber.”

T’POL was originally named K-2SO in the original Star Trek series, but she was given a new name by George Lucas in the later years of the series.

She was played by actress Tana Delany.

Tolarians are known for their “Force Power,” a powerful Force-like ability that allows them use force-based weapons.

They use a weapon that looks like a lightsaber, with a long, yellow, curved blade.

Togradans use a similar weapon with a “bladed blade” that looks similar to a lightsaber blade.

They also use a large shield that can deflect a lightsaber attack.


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