How to drive a Honda Pilot: What to know about the 2017 model year

Honda has announced a major upgrade to its 2017 Pilot, with a new engine and chassis that are designed to make it quicker and lighter.

The new engine, which will power the Pilot’s 1.4-litre four-cylinder, comes from the turbocharged twin-turbo engine that powered the 2016 model year and is powered by the new 2.0-litres V6 that powers the new Pilot.

It uses Honda’s twin-scroll turbocharger to produce 6,500bhp, but also uses a new variable valve timing system to deliver an extra 1.5 seconds per lap.

This new engine is not the first time that Honda has produced a turbocharged engine, but it’s the first to be powered by it, making it a big step forward for Honda.

The engine has been developed by Honda’s turbocharging unit unit at its factory in Inland Empire, California, and is part of a larger programme of developments to improve the performance of the Pilot.

This will be Honda’s second engine in the Pilot range.

The first engine in that range was the 4-litry V6, which was used in the mid-2000s to power the Civic and is still one of the best-selling engines in the world.

Honda says it will also introduce a new powertrain with a turbochargershaft to power an engine that will produce 7,000bhp at the rear wheels.

The two engines will share a common exhaust system that uses a turbo-charging system, and Honda says it has made an effort to design the engine so that the two engines have similar airflow.

This helps ensure the Pilot achieves the same level of performance from a range of tyres and is lighter, but is also a step forward in terms of performance.

The Pilot will come standard with the latest version of the Honda Civic driver package, which includes safety, climate control and powertrain modifications.

The package comes standard with an 8-speed manual transmission, while the CVT option will add a seven-speed automatic.

The CVT is a direct-drive system, which means the driver can shift the steering wheel in the forward-facing camera of the steering column.

The car can also switch between manual and CVT modes in the front seats, though the driver will be able to select the CVL mode in the rear-facing screen.

The 2018 Pilot comes with a rear-mounted air bag and collision-avoidance system, as well as a new Safety Package, which is an extensive suite of safety technologies that are standard on all 2017 models.

Hondas is also adding a new package to the Pilot called the Civic Performance Package, or CPP.

This comes with six airbags, which are the same as those used on the new Civic, as standard on the Pilot and the CVTs, and will be offered on the 2017 Pilot.

The CPP offers a wide range of driver-assistance technologies, including lane departure warning, adaptive cruise control, adaptive suspension, driver assistance cruise control and lane keeping assist.

It also has a lane keeping sensor that can be used in combination with a lane-keep assist system.

Other safety features in the new CPP include the lane departure alarm and lane departure detection system, a collision avoidance system and lane keep assist.

The next generation of the Civic is set to arrive at the end of 2019.

The new Pilot will be available in a range from £29,500 to £37,500.


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