Air freight: Air freight on the rise, but a problem for big operators

In the first half of 2016, air freight operators faced an increase in the number of passenger planes arriving in the country.

However, a major factor was the government’s new tax on air freight.

The new tax will be implemented from October this year.

The government has already collected more than $5 billion from the new tax, but the operator must now find an alternative way of paying for the money.

The operator, Air Transat, which has operated for the past two decades, is one of the most well-known operators in the international air freight market, operating nearly 500 planes in India, mostly in the eastern region.

“The first two years we were really struggling.

The first two quarters we were down by around 20 per cent or so.

Now, after three quarters of recovery, we are up to around 60 per cent, which is a huge step forward,” said Air Transarif general manager Rajesh Kumar.

“It has helped us a lot.

The tax helps us out and also gives us a better chance of getting the aircraft on time and on budget.”

The new air freight tax will affect the major carriers in the market.

Air TransAsia, which operates mainly in Asia-Pacific and Africa, and Air Trans-Airlines, which operate mainly in Latin America, Africa and South America, will be affected.

Air India, which also operates in Asia, has had a tough time getting its aircraft in and out of the country since the tax was introduced.

In the last three quarters, it has been struggling to maintain the level of its passenger aircraft, which had to be modified to take the new taxes into account.

The Indian Air Force is a key component in the military’s logistics capabilities and air freight is one aspect of that.

“There has been a reduction in the amount of military aircraft in the fleet, and so we are now seeing the effect of the tax on military aircraft,” Air India general manager V Srinivas said.

“For the Air Force, the impact will be more on military aviation as there is a reduction of about 40 per cent in the Air India fleet,” he added.

The other major carriers, however, are not feeling any pressure from the tax.

“Our air freight business has not suffered any significant impact in the last one or two quarters, as it has not been affected at all,” Air Trans World general manager Amit Kumar said.

The air freight sector, which accounts for nearly two-thirds of India’s GDP, is also a very vulnerable industry.

While the country is home to more than 70,000 airlines and about 15 per cent of its total economy, there are only a few hundred operators.

The country has a population of more than 4.5 billion people and the air freight industry accounts for more than 80 per cent to 90 per cent (about Rs. 4,600 crore) of India, according to the Indian Commercial Airline Association (ICAA).

In the past, the industry had suffered a severe hit because of a sharp slowdown in demand from airlines and airlines have not been able to maintain their revenue growth.

“They have suffered quite a bit,” Kumar said, pointing out that the number in the sector is down from 1,800 to around 500 in the past few years.

The biggest beneficiary of the new air tax will likely be Air Trans Airtel, which, like Air Trans India, operates mostly in India.

The company has a large fleet of low-cost aircraft, but Air Trans was the only one to suffer a major blow.

The airline has lost about two-fifths of its revenue in the first three quarters and has already lost nearly half its total fleet.

“We have been operating at a loss.

There is a lot of uncertainty about the future of our business,” said Rajesh Mishra, Air Trades, CEO at Air Trains India, a subsidiary of Air India.

“In a competitive environment, the pressure is on us to find solutions and we need to be patient,” he said.

A lot of pressure has been placed on Air Trans by the government to come up with new solutions to the air cargo market.

But Kumar said that the company was focused on its business.

“Air Trades has always been focused on air transportation and it has always managed to do so.

We have seen the impacts of the air tax on the business.

We are trying to address the issues we are facing as fast as possible,” he explained.


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